The Phenomenal Grill Daddy Pro

Posted by Jennifer on 9/3/2014
Dave, of Tailgating Ideas, writes a review of the Grand Daddy Pro Brush and he provides considerable information for his readers by outlining his grill cleaning process, discussing the many merits of the Grill Daddy Pro and he even provides some great before and after pictures.

“We found the Grill Daddy Pro simple to use and highly effective” Dave begins. “The long handle and the leverage knob were perfect for getting off all the dirt and grime without having to press too hard or work too much. The steam literally melted away and lifted off the grime and removed all the gunk that a normal, non-steaming brush simply would not be able to get off.”

The Grill Daddy Pro brush “did a phenomenal job in cleaning a grill grate that was literally, covered in caked on gunk and residue from previous cooks” Dave declares.