The Best tools for Cleaning a Grill

Posted by Carlos on 12/27/2013
There's nothing better than grabbing your favorite meats and vegetables and heading to the back patio for a cookout. If you want to bring out the best taste of your foods, keep a clean grill by investing a couple of bucks into some tools that allow you to properly maintain it.

The most essential item for keeping your grill clean is a good brush. Over time, build-up from coals and from your food gets stuck on the grates of your grill. Taking a brush to your grates removes this build-up, which burns in the grill and imparts bad smells to your food. A long brush with three different sides for bristles is perfect for cleaning while your grill is hot. When you want to detail your grill, get a small brush that lets you powerfully clean your grates with accuracy and precision.

To reduce the amount of cleaning to do, purchase a splatter mat that keeps drippings from your foods, sauces and marinades from staining your grill, your patio and your deck. To deep-clean your grill, purchase a specially formulated chemical spray that quickly gets rid of build-up. Also, purchase a stainless steel cleaner to keep your grill shiny and presentable.

When cleaning your grill, wear proper work gloves so you do not damage your hands with charcoal residue or hot grease. If you have a gas grill, make sure to turn off all power and to have a professional clean your propane tanks if you are not sure about doing it yourself.