Planning those Summer Block Parties!

Posted by Jennifer on 5/2/2014
Summer is soon upon us and it’s time for all of those fun block parties. The key to successful block parties is organization and planning. Here are a few pointers you may want to keep in mind this summer:
  • Don’t go it alone - gather a few neighbors who share your enthusiasm for this event and coordinate tasks so that everything is covered.
  • Get the word out - work to make sure no one in the neighborhood is left out and use a communication method that is easy and effective. Consider sending out a group email instead of leaving flyers on people’s doors or do both.
  • Make sure your town is cool with it - ensure that you have any and all permits or permissions granted for the event. Find out if there are rules concerning noise ordinance or the assembly of a large group of people. While you’re at it, ask if the main street off of the block can be barricaded so you have more room for the party.
  • Have everyone bring food - designate someone from your planning group to coordinate prepared dishes and beverages. Don’t forget the paper plates, napkins, plasticware and other non-food essentials.
  • Grab your grills - The right food can make or break a good outdoor block party and a smoky sizzling grill is the foundation for your event. Without the grill, it just isn’t a block party! Before your start grilling your food be sure you “clean with the power of steam.” Summer block parties are the ideal times to use your Grill Daddy, Grill Daddy Pro or Grand Grill Daddy brushes.
  • clean grill with grill daddy
  • Have a rain date – have a back-up date in case the weather is a problem.
  • There must be music – ask people in your neighborhood who play in a band to provide live entertainment or perhaps someone in your neighborhood is a DJ and can play music for the event.
  • Decorate – colorful tablecloths make a statement and set a fun tone. Paper lanterns can be hung on nearby trees for a great way to add color for minimal costs.
  • Have plenty of outdoor games and activities – horseshoes, volleyball, three-legged races or croquet are a few examples of fun things to keep both grown-ups and kids engaged. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk and neon glow sticks are always a hit.
Block parties are a blast when they are planned to be fun, safe and memorable. Enjoy the time with your friends, some fun activities and plenty of good food. Here’s to good times this summer!