Grill Daddy Pro Brush Maximizes Your Efforts

Posted by Jennifer on 6/21/2014

Cleaning a BBQ or grill is “the job we all love to hate…” says a reviewer of Grill Daddy Pro Brush for and the Grill Daddy Pro Brush is “perfect for large gas and charcoal grills.” 

The reviewer goes on to describe how the Grill Daddy Pro Brush “allows you to easily steam away baked-on food, grease, and all residue.”  They continue:

“Thanks to its clever design, the Grill Daddy Pro releases a measured amount of water that turns to grease-melting steam the instant it touches your preheated grill. This powerful sanitizing, liquifying action literally melts away charred build up instantly! Just glide the stainless-steel brush along the grill and use the double-duty scraper brush for tough grime and hard-to-clean areas.”

According to the Grill Daddy Pro Brush will help you to obtain “maximum effect with minimum effort.”

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