Grand Grill Daddy Produces Great Results

Posted by Jennifer on 10/1/2014
The Q Review is a website dedicated to “all things BBQ” and it includes a number of grilling and barbequing-related product reviews. Q Reviewer, Derek, wrote an extensive review about the Grand Grill Daddy and he enthusiastically shares his results with his readers. 

“Testing the Grill Daddy was easy enough,” Derek begins. “Dirty grills aren't hard to find in my family.” Derek goes on to share that he decided to test the Grand Grill Daddy on his old charcoal grill which “was in need of a good scraping.” He lit the coals, shut the grill lid, allowed the coals to burn for about 20 minutes and until the grill grate was hot. He then turned the value on his Grand Grill Daddy, releasing the water, and watched as saw how the brush could perform. 

“I can’t argue with the results” Derek reports. “After just a 10 second scrub, the grill was filled with steam and the grates were as clean as they had been in years. There is no doubt that the steam was the key to great results.” 

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