Essential Tools for Any Grill-Lover

Posted by Michael on 1/29/2014
To start grilling, you'll need a great grill. But that's just step one in the journey. Next, you'll need a great set of quality grill tools so that you can master grilling any dish.

If you have a charcoal grill, you'll need to get yourself a good chimney starter. This useful device eliminates the need for lighter fluid. Instead, you drop use a match to light a piece of newspaper and drop it down the long, metal tube. You'll get your grill started in no time with no fuss.

Next, you'll need the right cooking tools. You can't just use your old kitchen spatula and tongs. They won't withstand the heat of the grill, and they'll force you to stand too close to the grill to use them. Instead, you need a pair of quality, long-handled tongs and spatula. These heavy-duty tools can handle the heat and whatever meat you throw on the grill. Be sure to get a long-handled basting brush, as well, if you want to keep those cuts moist while they grill.

Finally, you'll need a good wire, cleaning brush. The long-handled brush has stiff, wire bristles to clean your grill grate when you are done grilling. The brush can take on the caked-on food and grime so that you have a clean grilling surface the next time you use your grill. Getting rid of that grime can also save your grill from damages, such as erosion.

If you want to be a master griller, you're going to need the right tools. Make sure you get the right gear to grill the best foods and to maintain your grill for many years to come. Maybe you can even get a "Kiss the Cook" apron to complete your collection!