Are You a 'Grill" Daddy?

Posted by David on 4/9/2014
As we come to Final Four weekend, we wanted to help celebrate the performance of all of the teams in the NCAA tournament, but especially those which are among the four best program in the country this year, on both the men's and women's sides. And of course, we do it with a certain selfish angle - after all, this is one of the better, more popular weekends for people to use their grills for Final Four watching parties. Chips, dip, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken. 

We of course are always hopeful that your grilling experience is as exciting and enjoyable as watching the games.

In the spirit of grilling and the Final Four, we'd like, just for fun, to give our ideas for the four greatest "grill" terms used in sports. You, of course, our loyal readers, are encouraged to come up with your own ideas and submit them. Maybe as a result of healthy (and fun) debate, we might change some of our selections. 

Instead of a drinking game, maybe your gathering this weekend (or any weekend)  can have an eating game, where if a grilling term is used during a broadcast, everyone in the room takes a bite. The first one to finish his plate has first dibs on dessert. Sounds fair, right?

With that in mind, let us reveal our top four grilling terms in sports:

4. Hot dog. (As in, "He is hot-dogging it in the end zone after that touchdown."

3. Gridiron. (Football field - American, Canadian or arena.)

2. Smokin'. ("He is smokin' hot from the floor tonight" or "The coach is smokin' mad after that call by the official.")

And our top term in sports:

1. Grill or grillin'. ("The manager is getting in the grill of the umpire arguing that call" or "The coach is being grilled about how his team blew an 18-point lead in the final five minutes.")

We know our readers are sharp and clever, so now it's your chance. Can you come up with some other grilling or grill-related terms for us to make a top-10 list at some point? What do you think about our choices? Go ahead, be honest - like them or hate them? We won't take your comments personally - but please, avoid personal attacks. 

We'd hate to find you and put your face next to one of our Grill Daddy brushes. 

Just kidding. Sort of. Not really.

No really, kidding. Seriously.